Monument village Orvelte 🔗

In the lively monument village of Orvelte – where people just live and work – you will experience history first hand. Come along on a journey and experience Orvelte for yourself!

Open Air Museum Ellert and Brammert 🔗

The open-air museum shows the living and life of inhabitants of Drenthe in the past in various ways. The sod hut takes a central place here. This is the most primitive housing. The thread running through the museum shows an increasingly `modern` habitation.

Hunebed Centre Borger 🔗

Take the “Hunebed Highway” and visit the Hunebed Center in Borger. The center on the Drenthe Hondsrug puts you on the trail to prehistory. To the time when the first farmers settled in Drenthe. These farmers built the impressive stone tombstones whose remnants can still be admired in the Drenthe landscape today. There are still 54 standing and the largest is right next to the center.

Veenpark Barger-Compascuum 🔗

See, discover, do and learn at the largest museum in the Netherlands. From a village of sod cabins to village life in the moors.

Discover the Veenpark by steam train, or how about a trip on a peat barge? For children, there is a large new playground and a digital scavenger hunt for the whole family, big and small. Fun and educational!

Kamp Westerbork Memorial Centre 🔗

The Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre tells about life in the camp. Original film footage from 1944, a partially furnished barracks, a last farewell greeting thrown from the train, a large scale model of the camp, a drawing of children playing and many other presentations give a picture and a feeling of this telling past.